New Business Concept, New Way of Life.

A Glimpse Within.

We are a small team working out of our home in the Catskill Mtns. of New York. Our shop, only a 10 second commute, is fully equipped for prototype development and has served us well.  We manage to fund our endeavors with a great deal of re-purposing and applied Faith in Jesus. 

What We're Up Against.

Right now massive power plants are still being built, the inefficient crankshaft engine is still the top choice for vehicle and machine manufacturers, and open flame burners are still being installed in buildings all around the industrialized world. 

This typical model of growth keeps our modern societies in bondage to utility companies and fuel suppliers. Today the electrical power grid and petroleum fuel reserves are highly vulnerable to attack, which could bring even the Empire of America, to its knees.

Our Vision.

We hope to provide individuals with highly efficient and truly independent methods of electrical and mechanical power generation; liberating them from corporate strongholds.

We want to greatly reduce the consumption of petroleum fuels, while increasing work output and decreasing air pollution.

Ultimately we want to introduce this extremely simplified, yet high tech Uni-Mod engine system into the market place quickly and on a massive scale.