Get Involved

For Entrepreneurs

 The Uni-Mod project has the potential to grow in multiple directions. Getting involved early will reap significant return. We welcome those who think Big, who do not fear the disruptive yet positive nature of this technology, and who are ready to be part of a new industrial standard.  

For Engine Enthusiasts

 The streamline design, high power to weight ratio, and "mechanic friendly" construction gives the Uni-Mod the edge to become the next generation of high performance engines, surpassing even the most advanced crankshaft type engines of today. If you can appreciate what engines do to give us our high quality of life today, then you would be pleased to be part of the Uni-Mod Project.

For Our Future

 Independent locally produced electrical power makes a nation secure, because all of its members contribute. Uni-Mod technology will enable societies, especially in the northern hemisphere, to rely on locally sourced fuels to meet all their heat and electrical power needs. Implementing Uni-Mod systems will significantly decrease harmful emissions. Our natural environment could have the opportunity to recover, which brings hope that future generations will continue to prosper.

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