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 Through Love and Appreciation we Honor Jesus for the Creation of Life. This realization fuels our passion to create a more efficient and ecologically friendly industrial society.

Friends of Almighty Jesus

The Bible

 First seek out the Spirit of Jesus. If choosing to read or listen to the Bible, then do so with careful discernment. The contents of the Bible only assist in revealing the Truth. The active Spirit of Jesus is the foundation of Life; Not the written text.  


Those who are in full agreement with the Spirit of Jesus will communicate regularly and eventually come together. Jesus wants a personal relationship with all true friends. 

The Church

 All of the Church is built upon the Spirit of Jesus. All members of the Church have the same Spirit and should worship Jesus 7 days a week. One cannot “go to church”. The Body of Jesus is a Living Body of people and where the people go, so goes the Church. 

Well Being

Knowing what is bad for the body, but doing it anyway is rebellion and within time sickness will manifest. Now nourishing the body with unprocessed whole foods and oxygenating the body with simple exercises will prevent sickness and cure disease.

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Wellness begins with a foundation. From the Spirit of Jesus to the gut flora.

 As we filter through videos and articles on the web we gain more understanding of human biochemistry. We share this knowledge in hopes to set free anyone who is in bondage to the "Standard American Diet". 



The films and people listed above can be found on the internet through YouTube, Netflix, FMTV, etc.

We do not have any affiliation with any of the above mentioned names. 

 We have found that these are good resources for general nutritional education.  We promote whole foods and lots of physical activity. We preach against what makes the body toxic, like smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and ultra refined sugars. We encourage lifestyle changes and have no tolerance for excuses or compromise.

What is Food?

(food) n.

Webster's  1. That which is eaten or drunk or absorbed for the growth and repair of organisms and the maintenance of life; nourishment; nutriment; aliment.

FDA's  1. Articles used for food or drink for man or other animals.

The United States Food and Drug Administration is preoccupied with pharmaceutical drug approvals, human vaccines, food contamination, tobacco use, etc. These are only some of the FDA's responsibilities that make up a majority of its budget.


Meanwhile the American people are not protected against poor quality non-nourishing "food like" substances that promote over consumption.  

Bulk Dry Food Source

Many markets with bulk food sections will sell 25lb and 50lb sacks of dry goods directly to you usually at a 10% to 15% discount. For online convenience, especially for those who live out of range of high quality markets, there is always Honeyville.